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  • Central Coast Surveyors Trehy Ingold Neate

Trehy Ingold Neate Land Development

Quality, timely and cost effective land development solutions are Trehy Ingold Neate‚Äôs specialty. Our team of professionals includes land surveyors, town planners, civil engineering designers and strata certifiers so your land development project can receive the expertise it needs — all from one company.

As a leading land development consultant on the NSW Central Coast and Hunter region, we bring over 33 years of land surveying and town planning experience to our clients. Our services suit projects of any size and span the private and public sectors in residential, rural, commercial and industrial developments.

We can provide an end-to-end solution that helps you through the total development process — from initial detailed land survey, land development application assessment, through to the engineering design, and culminating in the issue of a compliance certificate or new certificate of title.

Trehy Ingold Neate is a member of the preferred consultancy panels for land surveying, town planning and engineering design services for both local and state governments.

Trehy Ingold Neate Central Coast and Hunter Region Land Surveyors

We offer a full suite of services covering:

  • an extensive range of land surveys
  • building land surveyor services
  • civil engineering concept and design
  • water sensitive urban design, drainage
  • planning
  • project management
  • bushfire hazard assessment
  • strata certification
  • compliance
  • statement of environmental effects reports


If you would like to discuss how we can help you with land surveys, civil design, strata certification or planning, please contact us on 02 4351 2233 or and see how we can assist to fast track your development.