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Strata Certification

Fast track your development with access to private certification benefits

Strata certification is a specialised arm of private certification, which we are proud to offer our clients on the Central Coast and in the Hunter, Sydney, Newcastle, and across the State of NSW if required. These services give you access to private certification benefits to complete the many requirements in property development.

Strata certification for Central Coast, Sydney, Newcastle and Hunter Region developments

Our strata certification services

TIN’s strata certification services cover the assessment and issue of:

In addition to being an accredited Certifier, Robert is also a Registered Land Surveyor with postgraduate qualifications in Town Planning. Such extensive qualifications and experience ensures Robert possesses a well-rounded view of the complete land development process and a unique insight into every detail required to ensure all boxes are ticked for the approval process.

To learn how our strata certification services could help fast track your development, contact Robert Polson on 0418 690 514 or email

What is an Accredited Certifier?

An Accredited Certifier is a private accredited professional, who, depending on their accreditation, can act as a certifying authority in place of Council.

Why appoint a Strata Certifier?

A Certifier can issue a strata certificate for a Strata Plan. This allows the Strata Plan to be lodged at the Land and Property Information office for registration. A strata certificate can be issued by an accredited Certifier or the local Council. A Strata Certifier is accredited by the NSW Government through the Building Professionals Board.

Robert Polson is an Accredited Certifier (Registration No BPB1897) and a Registered Land Surveyor. Robert can sign Strata Plans in place of Council and can issue Complying Development Certificates for consent for strata subdivision.

Strata subdivision approval for developments

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Get the expert help you need to fast track your land development on the Central Coast or in the Hunter, Newcastle and Sydney. Contact the team at TIN today.

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